Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas!!!!

So Here is an updated Blog for the year 2010. I know that it won't be much, but you still deserve a little something. I haven't changed the music... so it's still the same. But if I had to change it, I already know it would be all Victoria Vance originals.

This has been a crazy year for us, with crazy roommates and separation issues.

So just bare with me as I put as many videos and quotes as I can remember up here for your Christmas present!

Here's a gift for you, if I was picking you up from the airport I would make sure that they sang this for you...


"That was my butt."
"It sounded like something big!"

I love Errmerca

"'Boys! Coffee! Sleeping!'" "A. Gun. In. My. Mouth."

haha, a new one for you and an old one for me.... "I don't know karate, but I do know CARAYZAY!!!!!!!"

"Potatoes always say funny things when they talk."
... then Courtney added "Russets" but I'm not sure how funny that actually is.

"It's always who you expect the middlest!"
... but I think it's actually... "It's always who you suspect the middlest!"

"I meant fat instead of ugly. For some reason those words are synonymous in my head."
(I think that makes me a little mean)

Calling up my best friend Pat
Just to say, "This is Matt"
Gettin on my online chat.
Kansas is very flat.

Beat you with a baseball bat
Gonna go take a Shat..."
I just goes on and on....

"I was thinking, 'I really wish they would invent a knife that could hold liquid.' And then I thought of a spoon."
hahahaha this one really makes me laugh

"My love for you is a giant bowl of popcorn. I never get full of it. And I never get sick of it. And it's my favorite thing in the whole world."
... "And I can throw it into my mouth and catch it with my tongue. Moment over?"

"Pop! Pop!
Pop! Pop!
Pop! Pop! Pop! Pop!
Popsecret Love!!!" -- I don't have the actual recording of us singing it... or else that would be on here

"If someone told me I had to find a needle in a haystack, you know what I would get?" "What?" "...........a magnet."

"The wall's not too bad, right? Like, it's not weird to eat off the wall?"

Oh and our book light shows! (We never tapped those, but we will when I get back) (Also... your Ostrich with I hate)

Sweetest message you ever put on my wall... "I solemnly swear to remain faithful to my bosom friend, Amanda Lloyd, for as long as the sun and moon shall endure.

I am Amy. Amy?

I can't boil coffee. You really think I could do a magic trick?

What is Jelly? I don't even Know? I get hives if I even look at Jelly.


At the End, of this night
I'm not just your average Joe
But I hope in Hindsight
I'll seek and find a Rose! (Also all done from memory, so If I got the words right you should be very proud of me!)

Victoria: Last night, I was acting super silly after we hung up, so I said to Becca, "I talked to Amanda today." To which she said, "Don't you talk to Amanda everyday?"
Though not consistently true, it made me proud of our friendship.

Amanda: :D... i immediately told my mom this story.

I love that when I leave Provo, this is the news I have to share with you:

hey hey hey... don't be depressed. Also i have much to tell you.

So i've been watching the new degrassi, cause i've been sick and have nothing better to do with m y life... the actin is worse, and the plots are exactly the same. The main younger kids, is a white proactive more stuck up girl who has a thing with the "bad boy" their age..., and her best friend is a girl who's ethnicity you can't tell and already lost her virginity to the senior. They also have the nerdy friend who never seems to hook up with anyone... and then the older kids are in a band... haha it just feels like a repeat.

also my new favorite degrassi quote, the new manny is watching the new happy version of ashley sing a song in the "caf" and the new manny goes "when did our school become a white version of fame?" hahahahaha, i laughed my butt off.

also there has already been a shooting. It was spinner who got shot (he's a looser who's still on the show and dating the new ellie.)

The stairs go up!

It's Okay!!! It's Okay!!!

..... Birds!!!!

Underpants, Underpants.

Guys Guys, look at me. I'm beautiful

Okay, so you've never met us before, you don't know anything about us-- and you're getting first impressions. What do you think of....... Alicia?!

2010 Videos!!!

These are juts a few videos... it might take a while to upload on my families crappy computers... Also you should keep in mind the Pictures from all the midnight releases that we went to this summer, because those are the only ones we took besides your birthday ones (which should have been right before the last airbender if I'm thinking correctly.)

I just realized we have not been sharing videos this year like we used too... and I no longer bother reading MLIA... hahaha.

Dear Victoria,

I just want to take this time to say how much I love you and apprieciate you. You really are closer than my sister to me. You know the most about me than anyone (not saying that necessarily is alot, but it's the most). If I had any money and a will... you would probably get some ( I can't say all because I do have a destitute family). You're all I talk about with other people, Victoria said this, or Me and Victoria did this the other day, Or just anything really. You are the apple of my eye ;)

I love that you are pursuing your dream and it makes me proud of you everyday. And even though you make mistakes I still love you. You are the one constant thing in my life, I know that no matter where I go or what I do, that we will always be friends. "Bosom Friends". For eternity. You can't get rid of me that easy. Also you should know, You're going to be my bridesmaid, you have no choice now... you're in this for the long haul. You are my inspiration in that I always want to make you proud, and I want to take care of you which I can't do unless if I am whole myself. You are why I strive to be the woman that I am. Without you I would most likely be nothing and be going nowhere. You really are my popsecret love, without you my stomach, and my heart would be incomplete and unloving. There is just so much that you have changed in my life, and I just want you to know that you are essentially the reason I get up every morning and do what I need to do (because you're already up and waking me up is only part of it). And even when we're disagreeing I know that we can overcome any obstacle as long as we do it together. You are my double rainbow.

Love Amanda!