Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Welcome to Our Site

This is a website with all our memories, quote, pictures and videos that I could think of. There might not be alot of Videos, because our internet takes forever. And I mean forever, that's why the pictures are all the quality from facebook, because they were small enough to work.

I've been watching degrassi lately. It's awesome. I feel so dramatized.

So whenever you feel sad or miss me or want to think of me (so pretty much 24/7) come on here and look at it.

I just want you to know how much you mean to me. I am so glad that we were able to be roommates and become friends. You are the ultimate friend, we need to make sure we always stay friends. If it wasn't for you, I think that I would not have been able to survive this semester, you rock my world! I am going to miss you so much here in California... Life is going to be so boooring without you! You better keep me updated on your life, and hopefully i'll do vice versa! I love you so much, enjoy the website!


added later (i guess that's why they made a ps- though) - "breath deep... fly high" I'm seriously watching Dinotopia right now... it's on SyFy and it's making me miss you! he just flew his sky back! right now... and the other brothers Dino is as lame as I remember... also the girl in it was on heroes for like all of season 2, and then became Peter's boyfriend, and then kinda got forgotten in the future because of the writer's strike haha! A little unfortunate that one...


That night we got high off the Whiteboard marker, keeper.

The night I found out my parents split up so we put those posters on the wall.

Practicing the Lion

Heroes, which we never finished.

All your boys.... complicated mess...

Just staying up every night till like 3 am!

Manny Undapants!

"I'm gonna go in vertical if that's ok with you..."
"I'm not so sure how I feel about that."
"That's what she said!"

Our mental conversations

Stop it!

Our love for Tyra Banks, and random word searches

Remember when we sat around looking up Siamese twins forever?

Or when we searched for fat people?

Well that's all I can think of right now, let me know if you can think of more!

More Quotes

"What the hell is a hufflepuff?"

"And starting now you have to be my slave for a week!"

"Kiss the planet goodbye? Having second thoughts about Pigfarts are we Potter?"

"Sorry, I forgot you couldn't read my mind"


"Gender Saved"

"Shhh, Shhh, Sizzler"

"Don't Look at me. Look at Me!!!! You should not be here!" (that one kinda grew didn't it?)

"I'm (insert emotion here), I'm also hungry"

"Hold me, like the River Jordan!"

"There's something wrong with the world if porn doesn't win"

"Obama started the Black Eyed Peas"
"With Robin Hood"

Victoria: "You should've put someone pertinent... like Meryl Streep"
Me:"What does Meryl Streep have to do with our shower fan?" ... what is that from?

Amanda Quotes:
"Get the Tom Clancy out of my face."

"She looks like someone bedazzled her fat suit."

"...even if he is the one-"
"He's not."
"Good cause I hate him."

"I wish I could change my status..."
"Did you just say, 'I wish I had musical tombstones?'"
"No, but I wish I had."


".... ..... .... ....."
".... .... ........ ......"- Mind Conversation

"Where is the library
My name is T-Bone
The disco spider

Disco, doll, the library
Is in big mustache, dog, lard.

Lard, mustache, huge, little
head is ice cream
beer is good

Good day, I like cold potatoes,
the goat's mustache
is Cameron Diaz."

"Dear Mr. Jesus... "

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Old Post

Fine Wine and Cheese (Amanda)

Mine, Victoria, and Emma's shower fan sounds like its going to kill us, or some form of animal is dying within itself.

We thought it would just go away or get quieter, but alas it continues to grow louder.

Like fine wine, aged cheese, and Tyra Banks, our shower fan just gets better with time.

Every Picture of Us that I own